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After reviewing this and other forums, I first tried bending the paper clip tip.  After some effort, all I was able to remove was a tiny strip of metal. I could not hook the rest of the jack.

The glue on toothpick or end of pen refill were intriguing, but I was concerned about glue drip. However, on a recent Target visit, I found Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control ($3.99). I also got epoxy just in case. The refills I had were too big. I tried to think of something sturdier than a toothpick, then came across a 4d finish nail. I checked a 2d, but the 4d head was actually slightly smaller.

I laid the computer on a desk, unplugged & with battery removed. To hold it steady & straight, I then clamped the end of the nail in locking pliers also laid on the desk. The nail was parallel to the desk. I inserted the nail head first to check for clearance.

I dripped just enough glue to slightly mound on the top of the head.  I waited a couple of seconds, then carefully inserted and held it for 20-25 seconds, a little more than specified. It did not hold.  I tried again and waited 5+ minutes for full strength. I then pulled it out -- with the tip of the broken jack!!

My speakers and jack both work, saving $99+ in repairs, with 20 min. of work!!