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I hope it wasn't Jim Beams Rye (my favorite), For now you'll need to finish cleaning things up here ;-}

Here's a great YouTube on how to pop off the key caps to get under them to clean up spillage [|Cleaning the MacBook Pro's Key Caps].

You really need to use distilled water (not tap) as whats left now on them is water soluble not alcohol soluble any more. Use cotton swabs (Q-Tips) you'll likely need a few per key make sure not to damage anything in the process. Once you've gone over the keys you should go over them again with a high grade isopropyl alcohol (85% or better). The reason here is we want the alcohol to act as a dryer. Even still I would give the system a day to finish air drying to be sure no water is present before powering it up again.

Even still you might find this did not improve the charging issue.

You'll need to open up the bottom cover and look around for more spillage. Follow this IFIXIT guide [guide|6368|MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Logic Board Replacement] in removing your logic board as you'll need to check the other side for drink damage as well. Using the distilled water & isopropyl alcohol process again to clean up anything residue that's left. Look around the I/O board and you may want to take if off as well to look under it.

If you see any damage take some nice hires picts and post them so we can see. Once theings are fully cleaned we can try to isolate is something is damaged.