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원문 게시자: John ,


Mine had the same code appear after running the oven which had not been used in 3 months.  It heated up the food OK but then would not shutoff  correctly.  Still sounded like something was running after closing the door after removing the food.  I opened the door again to stop it and noticed that F6 appeared on the screen and touching the keys on the touch pad would do nothing and with the door closed I could hear something humming, trying to run like the motor.  I unplugged the oven and plugged it back in after a short time. Still did the same thing.  I unplugged it again for a couple of hours and tried it again and it was OK.  I think maybe it was a stuck door switch or relay.  not sure but it is fixed.  The house had been left for the winter in the low 50's so it was warming up at the time, this may have affected it also.  Hope this helps someone like the above write ups helped me