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After screen repair, camera not working - Black screen


Hey all,

So I've done hundreds of screen repairs. I currently work as a tech at a store but yesterday I came across a problem I've never encountered. Basically, after replacing the screen on an iPhone 6, the camera app no longer functions. You can open the app but the screen stays black and when pressing the volume buttons to take a picture, the app crashes. Now, we tested the phone before hand and the customer is adamant that the camera worked prior so it isn't an issue of miscommunication. I'm just trying to figure out why this would happen - back camera wasn't touched at all. Only the prox sensor/camera flex is touched in a replacement. Unfortunately, we don't have brand new parts in stock to test for the next few days but I was just curious if anyone else had ever come across this problem. Just as an FYI - we did try swapping out with used prox sensors, front screens, and back cameras in several variations and the camera still wouldn't load. Last resort is having the customer back up and restore but she wasn't too confident in that and was pretty upset with us. Anyway.. let me know if you've seen this.


iPhone 6