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원문 게시자: Kumar Biplab ,


Download Android Multi Tools from this [|link]

Extract the contents in C drive or any other drive and rename the folder to Android

Connect your device which should be switched on

Double click on '''Android Multi Tools v1.02b gsmforum.exe''' within the Android folder

On the new window that opens, type 1 and hit enter. It should show you phone as list of devices attached. Now type 6 and enter and the phone should reboot. If it does reboot then you can continue with the follwing steps. If the phone does not reboot, then the phone might not have been detected by the PC.

Press "Windows-X" on your keyboard to open the Power User menu, and select "Command Prompt (Admin)"

Navigate to the renamed folder i.e. Android using DOS commands (ex: if you have extracted the contents into Android folder in C drive, type '''cd\''' and press enter; now type '''cd android''' and press enter)

Now type '''dir''' and you should be able to see adb.exe on the third row.

Make sure your phone is connected to PC and powered on and now type '''adb reboot recovery''' and hit enter.

The phone should reboot into recovery mode.

Now you can follow steps listed here []