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원문 게시자: Andrew Fillhart ,


I had a similar problem attempting to fix my step-daughters ds lite. I replaced the bottom LCD and then the system would make a snap sound and flash white on the screen. There are two possibilities here that I can think of.

# The LCD you bought is faulty and not making the pre-system check to ensure all required items are there.
# A ribbon from the top portion has been damaged.

Check the ribbons from the top portion, located in the top left of the PCB. If those look to be fine then I would suggest another lower LCD. I have a feeling you've got a lemon LCD sadly.

Can you test the old lower LCD to see if your system turns back on? If not, best you could do is look for another LCD to replace the new one (eBay preferably) and send the other back as damaged.

Let us know how you make out.