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원문 게시자: Andrew Fillhart ,


Here are your answers for both PCBs, they're actually fine. Here's the real problem and fix:

* Pop & Quick Shutdown PCB
** This is due to the speaker/3D slider flex ribbon having a small nick in the ribbon near the joint. Finish tearing that system apart and remove the speaker ribbon from the joint. I'm 99% certain you'll find a small cut in the ribbon similar to this: [|Small cut in 3DS speaker flex ribbon]
* No Backlight Boot PCB
** This is due to a faulty lower LCD. I found (in the XL version at least) that when it fails to boot and sits at black screens & blue power indicator the lower LCD is faulty and needs to be swapped out. Take a working lower LCD screen and try it out to see if that gets the BSoD PCB to boot up again.

I hope this helps getting your two systems running again. Good luck!