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I experienced the same issue as the the poster here:

I had the same vertical bands across the screen.  I could boot to internet recovery or diagnostic mode and the lines stayed.  I did a PRAM reset and it would boot up with the lines and then go blank.  I could SSH into the mac like it was working normally but I could not VNC into it.  I took it to the Apple store and quoted me about $300 to fix it by replacing the logic board.  Considering a new one is $499, I decided against it.

I figured there wasn't much to lose and decided to try and reflow the GPU.  I disassembled the mac, covered everything but he GPU in tin foil and used a heat gun on low for about 30 seconds, waving slightly.  I used an infrared thermometer to check that the temperature was up to ~320F for at least 5 seconds.  FYI, the GPU is the chip under the heat sink closest to to the back panel.  I think the teardown only shows the intel GPU version.  Since I had it apart, I replaced the PRAM battery as well (I doubt that was the culprit though).  After re-assembly it booted up just like normal without any bars/lines.

I watched Netflix on it for a couple of hours without issue.  The heat gun cost me $23.  That plus some aluminum foil and thermal paste and I have my Mac back.  I'll keep you guys posted on progress.  Even if this only lasts a couple of years it's worth it.