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This is another old one but I feel it deserves some clarity. There are many options out there for original Surface RT screen replacement. You can get them in 3 different ways

1: screen/digitizer/glass/mid-frame bezel as an assembly. This is the way Microsoft sold them, and is by far the easiest option. You can get them right here on iFIXIT.

2:Screen/digitizer/glass assembly.  A more affordable third party option, available on e-bay or amazon among others. To replace this you will follow the same procedure as you would for a Surface 2 or 1st gen pro. Because ti was not intended to be replaced this way you should be very cautious of the ribbon cables connecting the digitizer. They are very short and easily damaged.

3:Digitizer/glass only. No screen, no frame. THIS IS A TRAP. Not a joke, I mean it. They are on ebay and Amazon also, selling for a low $13 or so. The problem is that to seperate the LCD screen from the digitizer you should really use a heated vacuum machine or you will have to break the old glass and remove it piece by piece to avoid prying on the screen. Then you have to clean all the glue off of the old screen perfectly, which requires caustic chemical solvents like N-Hexane. Then apply the correct clear adhesive called LOCA, which requires UV lights to cure. Then finally reglue the screen to the new digitizer, which you should use a specially designed mold to line up the screen perfectly and a vacuum press or laminate machine so you don't end up with very visible bubbles and/or debris particles in between the two. TL;DR,  a DIYer is NOT equipped to do this properly.

Now I have seen some unique fixes done to these. I have seen people by the cheap option and then simply not glue the screen to the glass. It's hazy that way and you get glare but it looks better than gluing it improperly. They just tape it in with some 2mm tape. (NOT recommending this just saying I have seen it). Since the original RT is not supported by Microsoft anymore, your only options are to do it yourself or take it to a private repair shop/person. If you do it yourself, educate yourself. Make sure you know what you are getting into. If the replacement part you are ordering is different, or mising something that the official replacement had, you should consider the reason the original part was sold the way it was. If the price difference is extreme, take a close look as to why.