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iPhone overheating and home button moving


Hi everyone!

I broke my screen a few days ago and got it replaced in a repair shop nearby.

Since then, my iPhone is overheating on the right up corner and my battery Is draining way much faster than usual.. My home button is also moving but I guess it's not a huge problem. I don't really know how to fix it but my dad is quite good at it and if he knows what to do and how it should be fine!

I went back to the repair shop and they changed my screen again but it did not change anything. I went there because my dad and I  thought they were going to be more professional that what he could have done but we were probably wrong..

If you folks think it's not a big issue and my dad can probably fix it by himself (he changed my IPhone 5 screen) and know how to repair I'll be more than happy to get your tips!!

Thank you very very very much!


iPhone 6 Plus