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원문 게시자: Thambirajah Jeyaseelan ,


My daughter had the same problem. I tried all those suggested remedies posted on google, Microsoft and Asus. NO LUCK. Then I think and focus on the operating system that is Windows 10 and I found out that after the latest update she looses the WiFi. So I looking for the latest update on her computer (On your screen bottom left hand corner next to window symbol - Type here to search- Type there Windows update - select Windows update settings - select Update History - select the latest update then select UNINSTALL.{for my case Security update for Microsoft Windows(KB4074588)}. After you select UNINSTALL the screen will pose for 8 to 10 minutes as nothing happen. Be patience. Then uninstalling screen (small rectangular screen) will appear and gathering information to uninstall the latest update. It will take 45 minutes to an hour. you have to sit beside your computer and do other things while keep an eye on it if it is going to sleep mode just drag the cursor etc. After uninstall the latest update you have to restart your computer. It will take another 25 minutes because it has to rearrange all the software things. Once you log on Type WiFi at Type here to search window at the bottom left corner screen and select Change WiFi settings and you can see your WiFi there type your WiFi password and you are connected. You can't stop updating Windows 10. The uninstall update will automatically update again but this time we hope both the update and WiFi will work without any flaw. Thanks. T. Jeyaseelan.