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원문 게시자: Nathan Dishner ,


I have a 99 Nissan Maxima.Soneone busted the lock I replaced it and took it to Nissan where they REPROGRAM the key and all.When they didn't his I didn't have all electronic plugged in But I went to turn it off when I got home but started every time The next day after bibhadbstarted to install the turn lights and all if that now I can't hear the fuel pump kick on when I turn the key but under the hood I hear a clicking noise before I crank the car..What has happened to make this car shut the fuel pump off to not let it start please help ..I did check the fuel pump fuse and it was blown..I replaced it and still nothing but the clicking is coming from under the hood in the front from a relay I pinned it down but I hear more clicking bsounds like it's near the firewall..I did replace the relay still to no advantage.I notices in the trunk a keyless entry box that was not there when I took it to Nissan they said they didn't put it there well I know I didn't.please a lil help very tight in money..