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원문 게시자: Ken Short ,


Dead section on right side of screen


Why, or, what would cause a certain area of the screen to not respond to the cursor?  Either with a USB mouse, track pad or touching the screen itself.  I have had this problem for some time and after researching the problem it was determined that my digitizer screen was the culprit.  Last week I replaced the screen (digitizer) and after about 30 minutes of use I went to the area that gave me trouble in the past, only to find out it’s still a dead area.  Using a stylus, USB mouse, or the touch pad.  One thing I might add; some of the areas will let me “tap” an icon and move it up, but not down, as well as some will let me move left but not right.

Could it be the complete screen itself?


Toshiba Satellite C55-A5281