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원문 게시자: Zachary Ross ,


I need to install an OS but I wiped the drive


Hi so I was trying to install Windows on my Mac and halfway through the mac just shuts off as I was installing Windows to use this as a main laptop for some time I was using the whole hard drive and I never created a drive I could boot the old os x off of

I have tried external windows 10 and ubuntu drives but I can not get an os to boot also the screen is just completely black upon opening the lid and powering on along with the keyboard backlight does not turn on and the apple logo on the back does not light up but when I plug some thing in to the usb ports I can see light on the device I plugged in showing drive activity and if I press caps lock on the internal keyboard the caps lock light will come on

-Zach Ross


MacBook Air 11" Mid 2012