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I think I may have an idea for you...

is [|this the error message ] you get? 

if so, I've heard that bootcamp needs a large enough unfragmented chunk of disk space on your drive to be able to set up your Windows partition, otherwise it stops with this error. it's trying to tell your existing OS X installation is fragmented and not enough space for a contiguous 2nd partition.

the remedy seems to be
1) first back up your entire drive to an external disk. personally, I recommend using [|SuperDuper!] 
Or, you mentioned something about Time Machine - you could also just do a full TM backup.
2) reboot from OS X install disk and now reformat your drive as HFS extended (journaled). 
3a) if you have a TM backup, next install a fresh copy of OSX on your clean drive and then restore the rest of your apps and user data from your TM backup when the installer asks you if you want to do that
3b) OR if you don't have TM backup -- instead of reinstalling the OS, just use SuperDuper to clone the external drive back to your internal hard drive

after (3a) or (3b) you should now have your OS X stuff back on the drive but now all free space should be contiguous. now try re-running Bootcamp Assistant to create your Windows partition

good luck, let us know if this helps