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when this happens it's either the sim reader is the it doesn't recognise the chip on the sims..try blowing gently into the simslot or opening the phone using any guide to the right under the photo (turn phone off first or you risk damaging the backlight) try cleaning the slot with a qtip to remove dust and grease, check that the gold pins are all there and not broken or flattened.if they are too flat then gently lift them up to about 45degrees.

You may find that you have the sim recognised, 1 bar of signal but if you try to call on the phone or you ring the phone no connection/hangs up. this may be that the phone has been reported lost or stolen to the network provider, the owner made an insurance claim, in either case the phone imei will have been blocked and you own an ipod... you can not get an imei unblocked unless you are the original owner who made the claim. to check the imei try the network or source like or you may have to pay a fee but it'll be worth it...the check takes minutes/done online. if it is stolen try and get a refund.

ps just because it has been "unlocked" doesn't mean it isn't blocked..