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The LVDS/data video cable is the same for the models you speak of. The voltage for the LED backlight runs up it. There is what Apple calls a LED driver board, that does not contain the LED driver, it amounts to a 5v switch that allows the voltage from the LVDS cable to be used by the LED backlight - since it really doesn't carry any current I'd say it has 100 year life span. The actual LED driver is on the logic board. Most of the problems with the backlight on these stems from the logic board. You should see 12v - 24v (depending on the brightness setting) off the diode where the arrow says measure backlight voltage. If you see no voltage there check for continuity on the fuse, which is labeled. The fuse is very small, a 0402 package, 1mm in length. If the problem isn't there or one of the cables you are dead in the water without the right test equipment.