Intermittant power cutouts, sudden movement causes powerout?

Hi, MacBook Pro started to suddenly "lose power" under normal operating conditions both on and off charger. I replaced battery 1 year ago and had some sort of recall taken care of a few years back by Apple but I don't think it was NVIDIA card related. It's all stock equipment. Sometimes when attempting to power up I have to hit the power on button a couple times, and other times I'm using my computer when it suddenly "trips" and goes dead. The MacBook doesn't even recognize that power was cut and therefore no restore session or the like is initiated. This happens on both Mac and Windows side. I tried resetting the SMC,PRAM to no avail. Another peculiar thing is that if I gently but quickly move the computer back and forth I can illicit the same cutout which almost makes me think something is loose, yet I don't see anything inside is in fact loose (have keyboard unit off base). Is there any hope of recovering my Macbook Pro?

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I'm thinking cracked battery. I had a similar problem and that's what it was. Worth checking out.

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I bought a new battery 1 year ago after discovering that battery was bad. I can't imagine I have 2 batteries that were bad? Can a battery crack from there such a thing as overcharging?

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A battery can be bad right out of the box... especially knockoffs, but even OEM parts (when you make millions) have a few were all the tolerances are out and when that happens, failure. I was thinking pressure in a bag, or getting something plopped on it. Mine was in an overhead airplane storage bin when some dummy forced his bag on top of mine. It took me quite a while to check inside the laptop, and that was the problem, when the crack was closed, worked ok, but moving or flexing the case caused an interruption or short.

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