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Do 15 mm hard drives fit in my MacBook?

Hey! I've seen new hard drives on the market from Western Digital. There are two new models that has a capacity of 1.5 and 2.0 tb. They are both 15mm in height. WD20NPVT is the product number for the 2 tb one.

Will it fit in the Macbook Pro? If it doesn't fit in the main bay, will it fit in the SuperDrive bay?

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Nope - you want 9.5mm max.

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But...people says that the 12.5mm drives fits? Or have I missed out on something?

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Source for "people"?

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Unibody MacBooks have space for up to 12,7mm drives. In the Pre-Unibody MacBook Pro's this was only possible in the 17 inch models. 15 mm. is slightly to high for the Unibody models, the screws won't go in... as you can see here:

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