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Light works on Electric Fireplace, but heat will not go on. Why?

Electric fireplace insert has two sections that blow heat. I noticed that one did not work, and it became louder. I let it run for quite a while, but one day noticed that the plug was hot as blazes and the wall behind the plug was also hot. In fear of burning my house down, I unplugged it and am scared to use it. Can I fix it. They don't sell inserts for those things ANYWHERE.

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Matt, what may help is to post lots of images. Model numbers and serial numbers are also a good help. the inserts usually consist of heating elements and fans, so that where I would start. have you disassembled any part of it yet? The plug and plate probably get hot because the insert is drawing a higher amperage. Keep it unplugged until it is fixed.

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Matt, clean the filter and your blower (fan) make sure you remove all dust and debris. It sounds as if your blower is not working right.

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I will try that. Thanks.

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