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How do I fix my Panasonic TH P50VT3 tv display and japanese language?

Hi, I had picked up this 50in Panasonic TH P50VT3 plasma TV from Japan a year back. I was a sucker for large screen plasmas and when i saw this i was blown. The problem is I live in India. Therefore the language and the power rating was the initial hurdle. I purchased a step down convertor for the set and kind of managed to get around the Japanese menu with some r&d. But I was never able to fine tune as there is no proper japanese to english manuals online. The second and more recent problem was a display issue.

I hadn't used the set for a month as i was travelling. On my return. I found out that the TV switches on (green light comes on) but it fails to offer any display. At best i get some junk colors here and there and then that too goes off after a second.

I need your help to fix two things.

#1) How do I get my display working?

  1. 2) How do i change the japanese menu to english?

Thank you iFixit:) Hope to hear from you soon.

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Yatish Suvarna, it is possible that this particular model was never built for export. There may not be an english manual nor may the firmware for the menu have an english option

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Thanks a ton for your help:)

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