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Why does screen stay black?

Hi all,

I have a 15" Macbook Pro A1286. I spilled tea on the table on which there was the macbook (and just a little on the keyboard), I don't know why but I didn't turn it off immediately, instead took it slow and go take some paper napkins, cleaned up the table and the macbook, and continued watching that tv show. It was fine for a few minutes, then the screen flashed once (went black and it was normal again), then it went off completely. It is barely visible with a flashlight and it works fine with an external monitor.

Then I turned it back, took off the battery (it is not unibody), let it dry a few days, used a hair dryer, opened the back cover and used the hair dryer again, nothing worked.

I checked web and found that great site, read other people's problems, thought it might be the lvds cable, which seems a little worn. Following the steps here ( MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Late 2008 and Early 2009 LCD Replacement ) I changed it with a new cable but still it is black.

What should I do next? I am afraid it is about the port on the logic board the lvds cable goes in (hope it is not). Is there any chance to get it working by changing the lcd?

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At this point you have a partial-working tea damaged laptop. Corrosion sets in over time and could cause more problems... you need to examine & possibly clean the logic board. Check it for corrosion and/or burned parts. (We have no idea how wet it was) That an external monitor works indicates, at the present time, that most of the logic board and video card were not damaged.

The cable was the least likely (sensitive) damaged part the inverter, data cable, or backlight are still candidates for cause.

Look up advice about tea and liquid spills using the tags at the right...

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thanks for the reply. i waited to add a comment because i ordered a new lcd and wanted to try it first. i just tried the new lcd and the new cable and no luck, it is still barely visible with a flashlight. seems like something on logic board is damaged. as soon as i have time, i will try to check it for damaged parts. if i can find anything, i'll post it here again.

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