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Released in June of 2009, the 1005HA is identified by its "Seashell" design, and is available in many different varieties in regards to operating system, internal storage, and battery size.

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Why does my computer not draw power from the battery?

My PC has stopped drawing power from the battery and will only draw power from the Power Cord jack. When plugged in, the computer will detect the battery and say its charging, but as soon as I remove the power cord, my computer turns off like the power supply has been cut (battery still in computer). I saw the Jack replacement topic and I might have to do that to my computer, but what about the computer being unable to draw power from battery. Also, when I remove the battery it is warm, like it's been used. Plus, please excuse the grammar, the computer works plugged in with the power cord and without the jack.

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The battery maybe bad, some systems don't come with a app to notify when the battery becomes bad/damaged.

A battery that is bad will not hold a charge.

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To test this theory you might want to buy an inexpensive third party replacement to double check that that's your actual problem. If the cheap battery works, you can go ahead and shell out the cash for an OEM replacement.

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I'll try that out, thanks. Its was working just a day ago, holding a charge and drawing power. Its hard to believe it was that.

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