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Can I make the front camera the default camera?

My iPhone 4S recently got a bit of water damage (enough to turn the moisture sensors red and void the warrenty) and the flash on my camera was staying on. I opened it up and used iRevive on it and it solved the other problems the water caused, volume down button not working, hardware error when connected to iTunes. The flash stayed off for a few days but then came back on. So I just removed the camera since I thought I could still use the front one. But now, when I open the camera app, the shutter doesn't open and won't let me switch to the front camera. Does anyone know how to do this or make the front one the default when opening the camera app?


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It doesn't surprise me that the stock camera app won't let you do anything when there is no rear camera installed. I once wasn't able to boot an iMac because the EyeSight camera was disconnected.

It's likely that the flash is shorted out, in which case you won't be able to use your existing unit. It could be worth your while to clean the contacts with a high concentration alcohol and cotton swab, but I doubt that will do anything. If you want a cheap option, try downloading a third party camera app like Camera+ and see if it allows you to select the front camera.

If none of that works, you'll just have to get a new rear camera. It's a pretty major component of the iPhone, so not having one doesn't really seem worth it.

iPhone 4S Rear Camera 이미지


iPhone 4S Rear Camera


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Can I replacement iPhone 4S Rear Camera to iPhone4?

I want to resolution of iPhone4 to take 1080HD.

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