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Water damage, won't power up

My Macbook Pro got water damaged, while it was in my back pack... Water had entered in on the left side of the Macbook.

The Macbook was in a vertical position in my pack, with the left side where all of the port connectors are at the bottom of the pack, my water bottle had leaked some water and the nylon laptop sleeve absorbed some of the water.

Mistake 1) When I got home I didn't realized that the water bottle had leaked, and I tried to power on the Macbook... When I pressed the power button nothing happend, I had used it earlier at work and thought I had just closed the lid, and the macbook went to sleep, and ran the battery down.

Mistake 2) I connected the power adapter to the macbook. I realized I had a problem when the green led on the magsafe connector failed to light up as usual.

When i looked at the magsafe connector port i noticed a bit of moisture on the port and edge, felt the bottom of my pack and found it was real damp, and discoved the leaking water bottle.

What I'd like opinions on... Is there a way to test the individual components.. i.e. Logic board, Magsafe DC-in board, battery to isolate what part(s) shorted out.

I have a new MBP on the way, but would like to see if I can repair my old MBP to use as a back-up or maybe give to my nephew for school.


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MacBook Air recovered thanks!

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So I have the same issue but I don’t understand the technological terminology. Please dumb it down for me. Thnx

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US$100.00 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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I'd start with following the steps to What should I do after I spill liquid on my device?. Since it's not working pulling the DC-in board and going over it for damage would be a good first step after the rest of the machine is dry.

Once the RAM is dry and checked, and the battery is charged, & the DC-in board replaced you could try a boot (don't screw down the top case-just assemble enough to test). Depending upon what happens you may want/need to run your AHT (Apple Hardware Test) disk to see what else is/may be damaged.

Worst case - sell it as is, or part it out to recoup some of your loss.

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dry it for starters. you want it completely dry! because the macbook laptops and most other laptop are scientifically modified for =these reasons= s4so, the dvd export, headphone jack, usb etc. are commonly and most likely he reason its not starting up. take a clean paper towel roll it up into a thin roll hold one end and ticck the other into each and every open air surface and gently move it around for about a minute. then make sure you laptop is charging open the dvd/cd part the hold down the own button. while pressing the on button on your mac hold down letter keys o' & m. after this if it doesnt turn on hold ctrl x and hope for the best

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i had he same problem, there was some moisture underneath my laptop, and i hit with my blow dryer, and i was able to power up.

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hi I've had the same problem . Did you get anywhere with it ?

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