Won't run on battery

Suddenly the Macbook won't start if the charger isn't connected. The battery is detected but it won't charge anyway. The battery indicator on the side of the Macbook shows lowest charge or sometimes almost max charge (more likely to be true).

The Macbook is turned off at random when a battery is connected but works flawless without a battery. The light on the Magsafe connector is almost always green and the display indicator says "Not charging" besides a few times where it seems as it's charging but never finishes (stays on the same percentage level). The Macbook will die immediate when I unplug the charger even when it looks like it's charging.

Stuff I've tried:

  • Reset SMC.
  • Used working battery from one other Macbook.
  • Used other working chargers.
  • Removed and inspected the cable between battery and logic board. All connectors seems to work.

I don't think it's worth replacing the logic board. Is there still a chance that I don't need to?

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I think you have either a bad battery or battery connection, but I don't know how to help you diagnose which. Was something spilled, or was the laptop dropped or squeezed?

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I've already tried a working battery from one other Macbook, so it's probably not the battery. The Macbook was not dropped and nothing was spilled - the problem just suddenly occurred. Actually, one unusual thing I did do just before was connecting it to a friends charger (same 60W model) for a couple of hours. He is using that charger every day with a newer MBP 13" without any problems.

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Based on the rough testing of battery and charger I'd think about replacing the DC-in Board as a place to start. Though it's a more expensive part, and a more complicated DIY, - IMHO it's more likely the source of a problem.

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I replaced the DC-in board but it didn't help. I guess next step is replacing the logic board. Thank you for the answer!

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