Released on June 23, 1996, Model NUS-001, 64-bit gaming console

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Why won't the game I'm playing show up on the TV?

I have tried plugging the N64 into different AV sources and it worked on my TV but it doesn't any more. I have also tried plugging the N64 into a different power source and that didn't work either, I also tried playing a different game and that didn't work.

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Alex, I am confused. You are telling us what does not work, tell us what works. Does your N64 work? Is it just a matter of you not getting any video out to your TV?

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On the N64, if the game cart isn't communicating with the console you simply get no display, it is as though you haven't even turned on the unit. Quick things to try would be another game in the console, if this doesn't work try using a fingernail file in the console game slot to quickly clean off the connections (you can also insert and remove the cartridge repeatedly in quick succession) and then try to turn on the console. If this works then you need to replace the internal game connection slot or at very least give it a thorough cleaning with alcohol and some cotton swabs, the more thorough you are the better the result.

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Does not work I tried every thing posible please help me now

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