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Screen replaced - small SIM issue


Just a small question. Now I've done 2 screen replacements on an iPhone 4S I everytime have a small issue with the SIM card.

When powering on the iPhone 4S after screen replacement, it doesn't ask for a PIN code. It doesn't give the "no sim" error either.

Solution I found was to reset network settings or do a restore... both worked.

Could anyone explain me why this is, and what's the correct fix to the issue?

Many thanks!

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thx for the info. last time I connected the iphone to itunes and started recovery. During recovery, itunes just downloading ios 6, not actually doing the recovery yet, i did a reset network settings... problem was solved! so no full recovery seems to be necessary

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Well, found a solution to this problem.

After changing three screens on iPhone 4S with iOS6. All three with this problem.

The solution I found: Insert the sim before you turn on the phone. Then connect the iPhone to the WiFi. Take the sim card out, and put if back in ;)

Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

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It's a bug in iOS6. We are many who are waiting for a fix for this :-) Everytime the battery has been disconnected, you will have to restore in order to make your phone see your SIM card.

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Thank you Alex, your solution fixed it for me. I was about to !@#$ bricks! thought i had ruined my friend's iphone 4s for a second! :)

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