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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Charging port possibly bent or broken, how can it be fixed? Where?

My son was using my Amazon Kindle Fire while it was connected to a wall outlet charger. The Kindle fell behind the couch, and now the charging port feels loose and will not charge. Can it be fixed?

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I have the same problem! :(

I have the same problem and my kindle is prolly gonna die by tomorrow morning.. if it can't be fixed, I'll never be able to use it again

please let me know what i should do are where to take it.

My Sylvania charging port is also broken. It won't charge past 1% how can I fix it?

Has anybody everever had a battery port fixed successfully...

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Katherine, disassemble your Kindle. Follow this guide. You should check the solder connections on the micro USB port. It is very likely that they have either come totally off the motherboard or that they have micro cracks. It might be possible to reuse the old connector and resolder it, or you may have to find a new connector. If you need a new one, you could check mouser.com or digikey.com for a micro USB that fits the dimensions of your Kindle. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Any where to take it

I have an problem,too.I founded my old Tablet that was from two years ago,and now i want to Play on it.When i charged it up,the WHOLE Charger and wall outlet blew up.Luckly,i was okay and i grabbed the tablet.It was frozed on an battery screen.I waited an day and the charger port was blowed up,too.I have an tablet that won't open and cannot open.Anyone know how to fix this?

The replacement of motherboard might be expensive than then actual cost of kindle, the guide is correct to follow

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Of chargers and Kindles:

I have been repairing Kindle USB ports for a few weeks and have some suggestions about the chargers being used:

Kindle Battery:

Most of the inside of your Kindle is a huge battery. It requires a ‘hefty’ charger to charge it and keep it healthy.


While the Kindle Fire calls out for a 1.8 amp charger, I would recommend a 2.0 amp charger for the Kindle. iPad 2 chargers, 2.0 or 2.1 amp rating, with USB ports can be used with appropriate USB micro charging cables to work really well.

Many chargers are over rated and many have cheap thin wire that cannot deliver enough amperage to the kindle port and it will not "shift" into charge mode.

A Kindle will pull about 700mA from a charger, and the charger rating printing is mostly marketing and most of them do not deliver that wattage on a constant sustained level.

Charger/USB charger cable thickness:

If using USB to USB micro data cable make sure it is a thick wire cable that can push out the current from charger to kindle. Thin charger cables are conduits of squished electron flow and will not “shift into gear” the Kindle into charging mode.

Helpful hint:

If charger is not working, power down kindle and try:

Unplug charger.

Power off kindle

Plug in charger

Kindle should wake up in "charge mode"

Having fixed many Kindles lately, I am seeing charger issues, and plugging and replugging the USB cable in cause 50% of broken USB port problems.

Hope these hints will help.

A. Zubair, EE


I have some good videos on youtube for this repair, a delicate and tough soldering job.


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What if my Kindle won't even turn on at all?

THANK YOU, SIR. YOU ARE A TRUE GENTLEMAN! Your advice fixed my non-charging Kindle!

I looked closely at my USB port and its damaged, so I'd have to go and have a professional replace or repair it.

I took my micro sub port off my old blackberry and used it on kindle and it works if placed right and you are careful soldering and using heat gun or blow dryer, if you have something with same port you dont care about anymore thats a free but risky option

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Hello everyone , your issues can be fixed , what i did was dismantle my device and checked out the micro usb. The most common problem is that the micro usb may somehow unattached from the chip . It can be fixed depending on the damage and if it can be reattached . The damage is from most likely shoving your charger in too hard or it having a shortage, causing you to adjust your charger in ways that creates more problems for the device itself

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Does charge certain position telling me still attatched so how doi fixloosness of it holdingcharger port in place to not lose power to charge?

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Would highly advise to have the port professionally repaired!

Having sent home over 500+ (yes that's right 500 plus) Kindles with USB charging problems, I have found many customers who have wiggled the port so hard that pin 5 (+5V) if you count from the back of the USB port

(looking from the back of the port with the motherboard off)

5 4 3 2 1

+5V Data Data NC/internal data available used line Ground

shorts out with pin 4. This caused in several Kindles permanent damage to the charging circuitry.

Even after I reinstalled a brand new port (I would say in about 10 Kindles) plugging in the charger then shuts down the Kindle and it will continue to charge, but it shuts down drawing .6 amps (on inline ampmeter) and once pulled from charger, pushing the on/off button brings it back to life, working well (in most cases.)

So, the bottom line, is DO NO TRY WIGGLING, PUSHING, TWISTING THE CHARGER INTO THE PORT, you run the change of shorting those pins.

DESIGN FLAW: This port has only two prongs going into the mother board pcb, and two surface mount.




Any questions, kindly email me a

My videos on youtube


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Intrested…just get back to me… ..I will email too

I would gladly pay you to fix mine?

Do you fix them professionally?

please help me 2 if you do fix professionally :(

Mine needs to be fixed also. Any help?

Why can't there be a wireless charger for the Kindles??? That would end this issue altogher

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just repaired one it was a toughie here's what was done:

1. Followed the guide to opening the case

2. Removed the screws on the board and flipped it up to get underneath

3. found that the port was "perfectly broken"

"Perfectly" in that the USB port was off and the 5 pins was still intact.

now here was the issue, trying to solder all those pins on the board which couldn't touch and on top of that are extremely fine

but here's how i solved it i simply melted solder on the board, and swiped the solder iron on each point where the pins were to touch.

i placed the micro USB port on the board, placed my soldering iron on each tip long enough for the solder underneath to melt and amazingly it worked.


1.Don't think that by soldering all the pins together it will work, it wont.

2.This is an arduous process if your not too skilled

3.Magnifiers go well with this

oh on pointer 1. when i say solder together i mean allowing the solder to "melt" on all of the pins

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you can stand the kindle up by its charger and it may charge. you will probably need a blackberry or phone charger that is short and thick. if this doesn't work go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YNo1-2NO... to take it apart go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPuTaeSyI...

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Reflow using flux on each pad on the mb

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Micro USB was the stupidest thing they have implemented

reflow is the way search utube there are many good ones on simple reflow with heat gun. also try swapping the cable 50% of the time the micro end failes, one slip off your lap with it pluged in is all it takes the you think its the port so you start forcing it or wiggling it around and after a while it is the port . on one ever mentions the cable and i have a box full of cables that failed. micro usb sucks . ps: there is a problem thats real subtle where the micro usb housing connector on the cable widdens a bit and the kindle starts charging at half power or not at all and a simple little pinch with needlenose pliers fixs it check utube for that to get exact instructions on fix. oh yeah and did i mention micro usb sucks. can't tell you how many devices i've found with them being the problem and can't remember every having to fix a mini usb...

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*attempt at own risk, is only a temporary fix*

if you find that the charger only works when pressed in an upward or downward direction, very very slightly bending the prongs in the port may allow you to charge your device, i did this on my droid 4, undoubtably this will eventually lead to further damage, however if you are getting your device repaaired or replaced in the distant future, it may be worth it to be able to use ur device untill that time

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try to put the charger into the kindle or mobile device than bend it back into place

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also cleaning the port with a needle may help

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Not port, you have a bent charger. I would bet my life on it. Buy two new ones, it wont be long til it happens again.

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I have had this problem too. My port was broken (quite common, apparently) I found the quickest and most straightforward way was to get it repaired was to get someone to replace it for me. I found the perfect person to do this on Ebay, but you need to check it out carefully as there are several people offering a similar service at varying prices.

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