A1342 shuts down immediately after power-on; Cuts off after half-chime

A1342 MacBook Unibody won't boot. It powers on fine, and even starts to chime but every single time, exactly halfway through the chime, it loses power immediately. This is about 3 seconds after hitting the power button. Optical drive cycles, chime starts and computer cuts off halfway through the chime. Screen does not light up. Happens on battery and AC adapter; battery does charge (adapter turns orange).

I've checked the logic board and found the slightest liquid damage, cleaned it off and still no success. I did try leaving the top case unplugged and powering on via the power pads, just to eliminate the power button as a culprit, and it still does the same thing. Fan spins up, chime starts, computer dies. Every time.

Any ideas?

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Turns out it was the top case shorting out and causing the logic board to shut off. I swapped the logic board into a new case and it seems to be working fine. Not sure how it would cause it to short at the exact same time each time, but somehow it must have.

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