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tv shut off and wont restart

i hooked my computer up to my Panasonic flatscreen plasma TV by the hdmi port on the back of the tv. after about 15 minutes the tv shut off and wont restart and is flashing red light. two flashes

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bob stevenson, on a Panasonic the 2 blinks mean there is an issue with the 15volt rail and that it is down. The first check point is the D board, but the fault could lie on the A/PB/SS/SC/P boards because that is were the 15volt rail feeds to. It will help to narrow it down with you providing a serial, model or chassis number.

Block Image

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Same Problem with Panasonic i have already solved.

1. clean the screen surface, it was formerly dirty by a thick layer of glue.

2. disconnect all internal Connectors.

3. clean all boards.

4. inspect the circuits by compare with original circuit sheet.

5. assembling again

After that the Error was vanish. I not know the source of problem but its work fine.

Some additional test show me:

The powercircuit have a sensible watchdog and shut down suddently if a fault detected.

1. my favorite suspection the glue on screen surface was keep some heat inside.

2. suspection some connector was have oxidation and disturb the the watchdog of powercircuit.

Warning: Danger for Life.

Open of this Device should only make by educated Electro Technican.

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My panasonic flatscreen tonight was working up until my friend plugged in her usb cellphone charger cord usb output came up on screen then tv went all fuzzy and automaticly flicked off. I have unplugged tv for 2 hours and still nothing when i pluged back in. No lights are flashing or anything please can somebody help

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