First generation of Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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ipad 1st Gen 3G doest' t go on

Hello to the comunity,

i have a big problem. My ipad 1st Gen 3G 64 GB does not start. I see nothing. It is jailbroken.

I have try to make a reset by holding the Home and Power-Button. It does not work. I have try to charge it, but nothing happens.

There is nothing on the screen. It doesnt start.

What do u think is the problem.

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does itunes recognize the iPad?

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With the current information you put in your description im going to guess jail breaking had something to do with it not working, I could be wrong but there's nothing more i can go on.

It is widely know that once you jail break a apple device you can no longer update your system with out some sort of bricking occurring.

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Have you tried iTunes DFU mode to see if the Device is even still alive?

Hold down the power and home button for 8 seconds, just to make sure the device is off.

Insert the USB cable.

Wait 60 seconds to make sure it has turned on.

Hold down the power and home button again for 8 seconds.

Let go of all buttons.

Hold down the Power and Home button for 10 seconds.

Let go of the Power Button and wait for 10 more seconds.

Check to see if iTunes has detected the iPad.

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Mine detected but when I go to recovery it throws and error (11)

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No detection

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