Water damaged MacBook Pro

Hi I have a Macbook Pro A1278 mid 2009 non-serviceable/removable battery and it had water damage

I note the Megasafe is still talking to the battery as the side led's come on when plugged unplugged and it is still charging although slowly as the led's are now indicating a full charge

however the Megasafe is still dim green, i have tried a replacement logic board and i got a strong green from the megasafe but no led's indicating the battery was not getting juice?

so i returned that hoping a good clean of the board would be enough but still no start up

I started it up twice after the accident by removing the battery connector from the logic board and bypassing the SMC but now it won't come on even that way

don't mind purchasing the part but need to ideally know what part if not the logic bvoard might be at fault?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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You may have damaged the logic board force starting it. . . Try booting into AHT (hold down the D key) and see if it can tell you what's broke. I know of no other DIY test for this.

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Any suggestions on how to clean the LCD of a MBP? I am replacing the glass as it shattered. I need to clean 2 things:

1) smudge from blowing on it and accidentally spitting on the lcd

2) minute shards/glass dust particles from the broken glass.

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iKlear pads, for cleaning... as for scratches you might try one of the things they sell at auto parts stores for "restoring" faded/abraded headlight lenses (though I've never tried that myself).

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