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Screw broke inside hole to keep DVI cord in place

I am using a DVI cord to connect my monitor to my graphics card. I noticed that the screw that is used to hold the cord in place has broken inside the female end on the graphics card. No part of the screw is sticking out so I cant use pliers to get it out. Has anyone heard of any other ways to get it out?

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Since nothing is sticking out to grab, I would use the largest screw extractor from this set to get into the hole and unscrew it: Precision Screw Extractor Set

Precision Screw Extractor Set 이미지


Precision Screw Extractor Set


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I'd didn't see the picture the first time I looked at the question. The whole insert looks like it can be screwed out and then replaced.

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There is so many different procedures....

Take a look at these links :

Remove a stripped screw

The 12 best ways to remove stripped screws

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How deep is the screw inside? What you could try is use a needle-nose plier to get the screw out.

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Please READ the question before posting an answer.

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I've definitely read the post but on the picture I do see a little space between the screw and the outer part, if you have a really small thin plier you could be able to grab hold of it, I've done this many times.

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