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transferring data from hdd to ssd

I would like to transfer my os and apps to the ssd from the hdd. I dont have an external enclosure. Can you explain the order in which to install. I would like to put my os and apps on the ssd and keep the remainder on the hdd. Will I have problems with some apps that have info in the library? ie plug ins for photoshop etc

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With no other source for one of the drives you can't do this. You have to have both of the drives powered and mounted at the same time to transfer data.

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Both hd's will be installed in the macbook so both powered. Im going to put the ssd in the old hdd place and the hdd in the opti bay. Im just a little concerned that if I move only the apps and user folder to the ssd will the apps support etc still work across the 2 drives. I could do with a step by step how to migrate etc.

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Having two drives in the laptop works the same way as having one drive in, and an external drive for storage (that's what you're proposing). One drive has to have the boot system (SSD) and it's best you launch apps from there and then write (store) data on the HHD.

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Here's a step by step from Apple--hope it helps. On step five you would use from a time machine or other drive.

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