MacBook Air won't turn on after topcase replaced. What could be wrong?

I have a Macbook Air 11" that had water damage on the power button side. I opened it, dried it out, but it still wouldn't start.

So, I meticulously replaced the top case (using a case from ifixit). I noticed signs of the spill on the bottom of the fan, but no further. My brief inspection suggested the motherboard is ok.

After reassembling, if I connect the power cord to the magsafe connector, the green charging light illuminates. I would have expected orange.

The Macbook still shows no signs of life. Has anyone experienced a similar spill?

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Your "brief inspection" was, apparently, too brief. There could be corrosion on the bottom of the logic board, or burn marks on the top side you didn't see. FWIW charging circuits often still work on boards with startup issues.

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