What may cause BB 05.13.04 crashes? (unlocked by ultrasn0w)

Hello, I have 3GS new-bootrom made in 2009, iOS 5.1.1 unlocked by ultrasn0w and BB keeps crashing putting phone into loop of Searching, 1 bar, No Service..

I have found that attenuator close to antenna connector was missing as described in this guide:

http://matteopisani.altervista.org/iPhon... since I don't have equipment to solder parts of that size I have at least applied a blob of tin across pins of missing coil (instead of wiring board as described in that guide, since I could eventually replace blob with actual coil) and after closing phone and turning it on it immediately got full bars.

But when I have enabled 3G and it dropped to searching/1bar/noservice again.

Now I have figured that when I disconnect battery and reconnect it back (it takes only to unscrew that two screws above battery connector) and turn on the phone I get full bars again, but when I fiddle with it: let's say WiFi or when I synchronize phone with iTunes it drops to searching... again.

What might be causing this (except of blob, which I'm not sure, because I get full reception until I do something - wifi, synchronize)?

And is there any software way to simulate disconnecting battery? (Something like SMC reset on Macbooks)

Because it might be bearable to reset phone time to time to get reception, but disconnecting and reconnecting battery is not really practical..

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