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Google Chrome script hanging up repeatedly

The rolling beach ball of death appears regularly on my Mac Mini, and it keeps going for at least 10 minutes and sometimes as long as 20. Eventually I get a message asking if I want to cancel the script or try again. Ninety-five percent of the time, the script is a Google Chrome script. I've searched my hard drive again and again but cannot find a Google Chrome application. How do I get this off of my hard drive? It's driving me crazy!!!

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This is most-likely a software problem and the policy of this form is not to do much about those.

The website or game you're playing is most-likely at fault (using non-standard programing). A link would allow us to examine or verify that the problem is in the script, not your machine.

As a work around you might install Google Chrome and access the websight or game using it, not Safari.

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