Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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A nother way aboat the Prambattery

Hey. Like first to thank you for a great site. I have a question about Pram battery in the MacBook model A1138 1.67. (probably the same issue, other models too) Well, the battery sits in a custom connector connected to a small circuit board. Do we really need to change the whole? I've found the batteries used in as electric model airplane. These batteries are much cheaper and equal and have the same voltage of 3.7v They are between 450-800mAh Li-ihjon. Should not it be enough to just replace the battery? Or board a consumable item as well? Before I order a battery so I just wanted to ask if you know anything more about this. I only see that it is about to replace the connector and replace only the battery .. What do you say? Could it be the wrong way to go?


Stefan Bågenfelt


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This is a DIY repair site... if you think you've matched the battery and can swap it without problems go for it. Take lots of notes and pictures... you can then post a Guide for others. If you have to desolder, re-solder the board I hope you have the tools and skills (it's very easy to damage circuit boards).

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