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What is the value of the blue inductor?

Hi -

What is the value of the blue inductor next to the one Bruno is showing?

I broke my blue one off and lost it, while removing the "Do Not Remove" sticker :-O



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The blue inductor is actually the one above the one Bruno Kremel inquired on What value is that small part near blue inductor?" missing that small part close to blue SMD part" It is L85_RF with the values of 1.2NH-1.36A-0.045OHM

Block Image

Hope this helps, good luck.

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L3_RF = 7.5 nH, 5 %, 680 mA, 0.104 Ohms, 5800 MHz SMD/SMT 0402 (1005 metric)

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@Puru, those values and place marker actually belong to the inductor below the "Blue" inductor.

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