Laptop released by Dell in 2005, features a 15.4" display and Intel Centrino processor.

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system freezes-locks up, nothing works

sometimes the unit works all day with no problems then again freezes at start up, HD light stays on, touch pad doesn't work only thing to do is turn off system

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hagen2147, intermittent failures are the hardest to trouble shoot. Try to start it up from your CD drive to rule out OS file errors. Also, see if it works better with an external monitor. There are some video card issues. You also want to make sure that your power adapter is in good working order. Make sure that the ends are not kinked and that it supplies power at all time. Check for broken wires. Keep the airflow areas clean and make sure that the airflow intakes do not get obstructed. Hope this helps, good luck.

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several things can cause this..

a battery going bad

your hard disk going intermittent.. run diags on it..

bad sectors on hard drive.

that's a start, and there are more if these are all good.

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