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Why won't my MacBook Pro boot after HDD replacement

My MacBook Pro 17 (mid 2007) was experiencing some overheating problems. Before I could get it repaired, it locked up. I got a gray screen and a series of small horizontal, parallel lines below the cursor.

I read on this and other forums that I needed to replace the hard drive, which I did with a 500 gb, 5400 rpm drive. I did so, successfully, (So I thought). After a few problems booting off of the Mac OSX Snow Leopard DVD, it still won't boot up. I just ran a repair disk from the DVD and everything appears to be OK, except I have an "Updating boot support partitions for the volume is required" message.

What did I do wrong? Is there another issue? Thanks!

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If the message is "Updating boot support partitions for the volume AS required," it means is Disk Utility is doing that as/if necessary. What's important is whether you get the "appears to be OK" message.

If it's not OK you should reformat the disk from a 10.6 install Disk Utility App. The partition table map changed in 10.6 from what it was in earlier versions so if you partitioned in 10.5 then did an "upgrade" instead of a clean install of the OS you might have a problem.

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I got the OK message when using disk utilities, then I did a clean install of 10.6. I got it working great for 4-5 hours after a Restore from Time Machine and then the MacBook Pro crashed again. It locked up with 5 or 6 small horizontal lines below the cursor. Now I can't get it to boot up, either off the HDD or the DVD. I'm stuck...

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I agree that you most likely have logic board (VGU) problems. Only you can determine how much money and DIY time you can sink into this project.

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Reading your initial symptoms my first thought would be that you had/have a faulty logic board. This generation of MacBook Pros had a much higher than average potential for logic board failures, specifically with the graphics processor (GPU). The lines/distortion near the cursor are what lead me to think this is what originally occurred, especially since heat usually plays a factor in these types of failures.

The message you are getting in Disk Utility, "Updating boot support partitions..", isn't terribly uncommon and usually isn't a cause for concern in my opinion. Has Disk Utility successfully erased/formatted the new hard drive? When it fails to boot, what exactly is it doing?

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Sounds like an nVidia issue to me too. Please give us the last three figures of your serial number.

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So the last 4 digits of the Serial # are 6W0J. BTW, the machine has since died for good. I can't seem to get it to boot up from either the DVD or the HD.

Once I got the new HD formatted and partitioned, with a clean install of OS X, it worked fine for a while, then the small parallel lines appeared and it locked up. I ran disk utilities from the DVD once, then, it stopped working all together. I'm taking it to a Genius tomorrow but expect it to be bad news... (Logic board?) I'm afraid that the cost to replace that is more than the machine is worth. What say you? Thanks you guys, you are great!


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Well According to the Apple Genius, my logic board is bad and needs replacing. My Mac is "vintage" (and so they don't do the repairs and/or provide replacement boards). A local service co., will do it for $1,000. Is there another way to get a new board? Is it worth the trouble? Thanks!

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Thought I would add my question onto this thread.

Macbook Pro Model Identifier 2.2

Was working fine.

Changed Ram, hd, and optical drive.

Power but would not boot up, fans spin, little light comes on. No Screen, no boot up sound.

Replaced old ram and old hd.

Same result. Won't boot up.

Continuously checking cables. Can't see any issues.

Can anyone give me assistance on this?



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