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Why my brake lights not working? Replaced bulbs

2000 jetta

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My brake linghts on my VW polo not working. I checked the bulbs/fuses and bought a new switch still not working. Any ideas what can be wrong

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I have the same problem i tried to apply what you said and still no brake pls help. i have a seat ibiza 2002.

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Jim, check you brake light switch. Check on here for more information. To replace the switch :" On the new brake switches you START with the plunger all the way out. Holding the brake pedal UP install the brake switch and turn until it latches. This will set the Plunger in the correct spot.

Pull out brake light switch plunger to full extension.

Keep brake pedal in up position (IMPORTANT! hold pedal up if necessary while installing switch).

Guide switch through mounting hole (only fits in one position).

Seat switch fully into opening (pressing plunger against pedal to adjust.

Seat switch by turning it 45 clockwise. This action also turns the plunger shoe into the correct orientation to make electrical contracts in switch operate as well as locks in plunger adjustment.

Connect brake light switch connector.

Operate brake pedal to verify proper function.

Reinstall lower cover panel." Hope this helps, good luck.

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