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My MacBook Pro won't power up

Hi first of all thanks a lot for for any of the help you may give me. I tried changing my hardrive which I believe I did successfully problem is as since its been installed my computer died. It doesn't switch on even with the charger in its crazy it was working perfectly fine before and I've tried installing a different hard drive but still nothing.

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Ah just noticed the light on the charger comes on feintly but still doesn't switch on

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Peter Czechowski, what are the last three digits of your serial number? This will help to identify your MBP.

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ATm, I've tried leaving it to charge overnight didn't work I've tried hard resetting the smc I just don't understand it:(

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Double check all your connections... if you have a loose ribbon cable or \ connector it would cause the non-start issue. You might try How to switch it on without the power button? to eliminate the logic board as the cause.

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i really don't understand where he is talking about i've looked on youtube but the place they're talking about doesn't exist on my laptop. either way i don't think its my keyboard otherwise there wouldn't be a dim light on my carve cable surely? i still can't see it being the logic board either considering it was after a hard drive update it didn't just happen out of no where

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