Overvoltage protection fuse existant?


I received the weirdest case I can think of, someone managed to plug their phone into a 110vac socket with no dc converter. After that, with minimal experience, they proceeded to take apart the phone and forgot some parts when they gave it to me. It does not work. The parts forgotten are not the issue, I am wondering if and where a fuse or other overvoltage protection is(battery, mainboard, charging assembly)? I don't want to spend money on parts I won't use or get paid for if it isn't worth diagnosing/repairing.

Thanks for your help everyone

p.s. what is the strangest repair you have done, I am curious?

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Just checked the schematic once more and it does not look like there is any fuse to protect the phone from that. I would expect the dock connector as well as the PMIC to be the two most likely candidates, besides checking for other fried components, it sounds like a guessing game (and a money pit) :)

And I assume the power management is on the mainboard? so if the dock doesn't fix it, it's kind of a lost effort?

thanks for the help.

Take a look at it and see if you find something obvious. Yes, the PMIC is a BGA on the logic board.This is one of those where I would cut my losses...

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