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Why won't my backlight work?

It has been a year since this incident, but I am going to do my best to recount everything that transpired that day when my iPod 3rd Gen. went offline.

One day I was taking a shower & folding up my pants (don't ask why, I just was). While doing so, I forgot that the iPod was in my pocket and it quickly fell from my pocket into the toilet bowel which was left opened for it to be welcomed easily into... Sadly, even more so, the iPod was turned on and was kept on for a few seconds after the incident. After retrieving it, I promptly turned off the device, shoved it into a bag of rice, & locked it away within the confides of my closet in hopes that it would once again come alive.

About two weeks later, I turned on the device to try it out. Aside from noticing a loss of battery life (the iPod barely holds one days worth of charge now), the backlight to the iPod stopped working completely. I can see my iPod screen under bright light - the 'slide to unlock' text, the apps, everything is visible with a bright light in the background. But nothing can be seen in a dark room because there is no backlight anymore. To my dismay, I set out on a search to redeem this fallen ally of mine.

I found this place (more so, my fiancee found & shared it with me), and so my conquest to fixing my iPod had been resolved (or so I thought)! I replaced my LCD screen perfectly through the help of your tutorial & then restarted my iPod! But nothing changed... The backlight still remained broken & it was like I hadn't even done anything...

So my question is: Is it possible to redeem this broken iPod without throwing away more money than it's worth? Or would it be more financially appropriate to buy a brand new iPod 3rd Generation? If it's going to cost the same, why not go all out, ei?

Whatever your suggestions or advice, thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Good day to you all!

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I can only see my see my screen when am under a very bright light.i don't know what happened but it started when it was sent to me from Israel

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There are really two possibilities that cause the backlight to die on the ipod gen 3..

1... Lcd went bad. Just like on a laptop, the backlight is part of the lcd assembly. easy to replace IF this is the culprit..

2... Motherboard went bad. The IC that is the driver chip on the motherboard for the backlight went bad. This, for most people is unrepairable. It is that small, and easy to screw up,.

The best way is to try a new lcd in the ipod.. Takes about 20 mins of work to get down to the lcd and removing it and trying a new one. There is an excellent tutorial on this board that will guide you if you wish, or take it to someone that knows how to do this. If it is the lcd, this is one of the simplest repairs on the ipod 3.. enjoy

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If you can see text on the screen that means LCD is fine. LCD is backlighted with LEDs or CCF, this light needs power. With LEDs, the component that supplies power delivers a constant voltage (arround 3V) and PWM intensity, you should find it on a schematics. With CCF, the voltage is arround 300V, it's a fluorescent light, but intensity is very very low. I think you've got a LED backlight and the component used to deliver intensity has been destroyed during immersion. You can try to supply the screen directly with a battery but you must insert a serial resistor to limit ntensity drop. This will permit you to know if a solution can be found, later you'll have to replace the bad component in order to recover display features such as contrast or intensity.

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In my example replacing LCD did not resolve the issue

Reflowing (liquid flux + heat gun) IC responsible for backlight

did the trick for me

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