Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Noise from underneath the touchpad when MBP is moved.

I got my new MBP 15" one month ago, I noticed a noise coming from underneath the touch-pad. The noise sounds like a loosy small peice of metal cracking there.

When I hear this noise:

- when the laptop is on my legs/bed/couch and I move it a little bit.

-when I tab on the aluminium around the touchpad.

I hear the noise more frequntly day after day... Things are getting bad!

I noticed that when I shake the laptop (shuted down) with the lid opened I hear the noise way more than with the lid closed.

My laptop is new, its case never opened.

I thought of the following:

-something wrong with the thing that adjust the touchpad click (if it exists)

-there is a free screw moving there (maybe while assembling the laptop they accidentally dropped the screw)


Is this normal?

Should I worry about it?

Its worth it to open the case?

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If by "new one month ago" you mean from Apple then do not want to open it yourslf - take to a Genius Bar or you'll void your warranty.

You should not move the laptop when it's running! That's not what portable means. Laptops are portable in that when they are off they are small enough to move to a new location. Moving running laptops can cause HD damage even with "motion sensors" platters spinning at 5k to 7k RMP will be damaged if they contact the heads at those speeds .

Good Luck,


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I have this also. Any answers out there?

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i have the same problem my macbook pro with SSD i have the exact same problem what should i do?


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Please start a new question. Thanks

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Is the problem fixed? Did you find out what was causing the noise? I have the exact same problem with my 15" MBP. I thought it might be the magnet that controls the sleep function.

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Take it in to Apple before it causes any more damage. It most likely will not repair itself.

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Great answer. + Ralph

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