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MacBook air a1237 1.6 backlight location on logic board

i was trying to find the location of the backlight capacitor or fuse that makes the backlight function please

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What are the last three digits of your serial number. This will help to identify your motherboard properly.

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i really cant see the location of fuse 1.6 logic board part number 820-2179-c ZU6A IS LAST OF SERIAL OF BOARD MACBOOK AIR A1237

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sue mitchell, you can check the backlight fuse, reference designator F9404, with a multimeter for continuity. It is a 0.5AMP-13.2V SMD fuse. Location is shown on the images attached. If this location is till not clear enough, post an image of your motherboard on here. Follow this guide to add images. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

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