Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Why does it keep rebooting and/or shutting itself off intermittently?

My Macbook Core 2 Duo 13" won't stay on for any significant time anymore. When it does, it seems that the slightest movement, or pressing a key will shut it down or it just shuts down on its own. Or it reboots repetitively after chiming. Or it remains on as it is doing now for the last 30 minutes, long enough to see if it needed firmware update. It's never on long enough to really use it anymore.

When there is no image on the screen, I often can hear the fan or drive running quietly in the background. I can turn it off by powering down. Without the power cord, it will eventually drain the battery if I don't force shut it down.

I have verified that the hard drive is OK by removing it and mounting it externally.

I have been unable to do a hard system reboot (hold down powerbutton until system starts and continue to hold until tone) - no tone, just keeps rebooting.

When it stayed on long enough, I tried to install the firmware 1.1 update. Message was that it didn't need it.

I have tried removing one RAM card at a time ( it has 1GB + 512Mb). Haven't really noticed any change.

Sudden motion sensor is shown as enabled. Any idead?

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Of course if there had been a liquid spill you would know, and mention it.

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Could be a faulty power switch. To check it out, disconnect the top case fro the logic board then power up the machine via the two power pads on the logic board. Use a USB mouse and keyboard to troubleshoot the machine. If the MB works ok without the top case connected then replace the top case.

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Check your battery. Especially if this machine has been crammed in a courier bag or had stuff piled on it. I had a MacBookAir with a cracked battery that exhibited some of your strange


Other things to check would be the logic board for cracks or loose components. That applying torque to the case affects this problem indicates a possible cracked/lose component.

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I'm inclined to believe that you may be right about the Logic Board or a loose component. When I opened it up I looked for something obviously loose and didn't see anything. Blew out dust. I didn't really check the logic board for cracks.

The drive did have a corruption issue and was heavily fragmented (>90%). I was able to clone the drive and worked with the clone so at least I recovered the data.

The machine has been carried around as you described. After putting the drive back in, it stayed on for longer periods..thought it was working and then the slightest movement - off and reboots. Also noticed that it shut off on its own with a click and then rebooted on its own.

If it were a battery issue, would using the computer with the battery removed be a way of eliminating a battery issue? Seems to still shut off easily if moved. Also disabled the sudden motion sensor as well. No change.

Torque/movement seems to cause shutdown. Does that mean LB is the likely culprit?

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The crack in my battery could not be observed until I removed it. I can't recall if it was on the top or the bottom but until I held the battery in my hand I couldn't see the crack.

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