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Can a MacBook start without a PRAM battery?

My 08 macbook does not boot at all so I disassemble it.

With a closer look I notice that as soon as I plug in the power cable, cpu fan turns on for half a second then stop. However when pressing power button on the keyboard majority of times nothing happen (sometimes the the fan turns for a sec too). so I start to take all the connectors out. and want to try to do a minimal boot.

So is it ok to take out a pram battery too?

PS. I check its voltage is 2.82 not sure if it is too low or not...


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I can't promise you that it will work without the PRAM battery, but I know most desktops and laptops that I have messed with have booted without said battery. My opinion is you should be fine without it.

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Thanks for the answer. But now it does not boot whether with or without :-(

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